Senate Overrides Guns-In-Bars Veto



In the biggest non-surprise of the legislative session, the Senate has just voted 22-10 to override the governor's veto of this year's version of the guns-in-bars bill. In another completely anticipated event, Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, rose for the occasion to do some serious grandstanding. As part of his long speech, Jackson took potshots at the liberal news media, of course, asserting that we were wrong to warn back in the '90s when the state's handgun carry permit law was enacted that it might lead to unnecessary violence. The senator said:

"Critics of the legislation included many in the news media who characterized the legislation as the Wild West bill who predicted blood in the street and great harm to public safety. Today we know those critics were wrong. With over 300,000 permits now issued in the state of Tennessee, and that number increasing by approximately 5,000 a month, we have a clear record of safety and responsibility that is irrefutable."

Oh really? Well, this is getting tiresome, but since no one else will do it, we guess it's up to us to point out the facts. In the past two years alone, 1,556 handgun permits have been suspended, revoked or denied—606 for felony arrests or convictions and 551 because orders of protection were issued (meaning, these particular fine citizen gunmen were beating up their wives or behaving in a threatening way). Here's the latest Safety Department report.

In just a little more than a year, handgun permit holders have been accused of at least five killings—two of which were cases of road rage. In the latest, the 74-year-old victim made the mistake of driving his golf cart into the path of the 69-year-old accused killer's Cadillac sedan in their retirement village. He pulled his .38 caliber revolver and fired a bullet into the poor guy's chest, police say.

How's that for blood in the street, Sen. Jackson? As usual, no one mentioned any of this mayhem today in the Senate. What else would you expect from this wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA?

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