Wamp Defies Curse of the Class of '94, Remains Happily Married, According to His Children



Another member of the House Republicans' famous Class of '94 has fallen in a sex scandal. That makes 15 of these "family values" Republicans who have been caught in affairs or nasty separations or divorces. Notoriously, their number includes Mark Sanford, John Ensign and Mark Foley. The latest is Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana who confessed his infidelity yesterday and resigned. His paramour reportedly was his co-host in an abstinence education video on his congressional website.

So boy, what a relief it was this morning to receive an email from Zach Wamp's children! Wamp also marched in the forefront of the Republican Revolution with the Class of '94. But we don't have to worry about his marriage. According to their children, Coty and Weston, Zach and Kim Wamp still are madly in love and they'd like you to send a campaign contribution to help them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

"This week, Mom and Dad have been married 25 wonderful years, and we hope you will join us in wishing them many, many more!" Coty and Weston say.


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