Scenes from the Dickerson Pike Walmart, or: All Things Must Pass



Some people live their whole lives never going to Walmart. I envy those people. It'd be nice to never go to Walmart, but cheap is cheap and a gal has to do what a gal has to do.

This weekend I took my first trip to the Dickerson Pike Walmart. It's fine, as far as Walmarts go, but it's got a little more Sam's Club vibe to it and the layout is all wrong — you have to walk all over to find things because it's not laid out like other Walmarts. And it's huge and it's packed like Christmas.

We were in the back of the store when two women turned corners and ran into each other.

"Oh my god!" said the one, "I always run into you at Walmart!"

"Just now you have to come clear over here to do it!"

"Yeah, I guess we won't be running into each other at the Ashland City Walmart any time soon."

"Oh, Ashland City. No, I guess not."

The thing that's disconcerting about it is that it seems like it's specifically designed to be impermanent. You could just fold up the cart corrals and knock down the big box and that would be the end of it. No one will be shopping at that Dickerson Pike Walmart in 100 years. They are designed to break down easily when the time comes.


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