Ramsey Snipes at Williams over State Budget



Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is firing back at House Speaker Kent Williams over the state budget. How dare Williams say Ramsey is clamorously coming out against every little fee and tax increase for political gain?

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. The governor proposed a tax increase on small business. I’d be fighting that whether or not I’m running for governor. ... We need to tighten our belt, live within our means by making cuts, and not have a tax increase.”

Ramsey then takes a swipe at Williams, pointing out that the speaker is pushing for funding for a fish hatchery in his district. "Kent is not with the program at all," Ramsey says.

Also in the news, Ramsey clarified his campaign slogan. He'll decide when it's time to give Washington the boot and when it isn't. Health care reform is bad; federal disaster aid is OK, he says, and he wishes the liberal media would stop trying to confuse people about this.

"It is sad that some liberal partisans in the media equate tragic disasters such as the flood with budget-busting federal mandates like Obamacare. Gov. Bredesen himself has called the health-care bill 'the mother of all unfunded mandates,' yet Gov. Bredesen has worked hard to certify 42 counties as disaster areas, with more possibly coming. Helping flood victims is not a political issue."

It's apparently also OK for Senate Republicans to use new federal stimulus money to shore up their state budget plan.


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