'Birdemic': Could This Be the Worst Movie Trailer Ever?



Tonight at midnight, The Belcourt serves up a bucket of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, the avian-attack "thriller" that's currently gathering notice around the country in late-night engagements. Above you'll find a trailer — and all we'll say is, don't give up. The first minute is boring to the point of narcolepsy, but just when we were ready to click over to some lolcatz or something ... wow.

From this week's Scene:

You read the articles in The New York Times and EW; you saw the trailer on YouTube; you fetched your jaw from the floor while it was still rattling. Now all you fans of The Room can see the newest would-be so-lousy-it's-great cult sensation at midnight this Friday and Saturday at The Belcourt. Four years in the making — and to some, the watching — writer-producer-director James Nguyen's avian-attack saga besieges a California town with cheaply animated eagles that evidently explode on impact. If this can find an audience, we humbly submit the following for future midnight-movie glory: the Christian ballet-horror indie C Me Dance; the insane Indonesian erotic shocker Lady Terminator; and the Spanish biker-gang slaughterfest Mad Foxes.

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