Marsha Blackburn Cries Emergency



The Federal Emergency Management Agency already has approved more than $4 million in aid to Tennessee's flood victims, and that's just the beginning of the assistance on its way from Washington. Funny, we don't hear any of our usually loudmouthed states' rights champions complaining about this federal intrusion into our lives.

Here's a Fox News story about a Heritage Foundation report saying state governments shouldn't rely on federal help in disasters:

"From an operational standpoint, disaster response should be driven by state and local governments, as they are the owners of most of the response resources and they are the first on the scene when disaster strikes," Jena Baker McNeill and Matt Mayer of the Heritage Foundation said in a report published last month. "Supplanting this funding encourages state and local governments to not be prepared, knowing that the federal government will bail them out."

That's the conservative position on disaster aid. Suck it up, Tennessee. You need help? Boo hoo. Yet the moment arrives in every right-winger's life when he must abandon his principles in favor of common sense. For Tennessee's politicians, that moment is now.

Is Zach Wamp vowing to meet President Obama at the state line when he comes with bags full of disaster aid? Is Ron Ramsey threatening to give Obama the boot? We didn't think so.

Even Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who just the other day joined a states' rights task force, has called for big government to bail out her flooded district. And we're talking about the person who, during the House debate about assistance for New Orleans, actually said: "We're not going to cry emergency every time we have a Katrina." She's crying now.


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