Flood FAQ's: Blog Tells What to Do If House Flooded, Need Tools, No Insurance



If you're looking for advice about flooded houses, flood insurance, how to avoid getting ripped off and other crucial post-flood matters, check out Chris Crimmins' blog Measure Twice. Crimmins won the Scene's Best of Nashville readers' poll last year as the city's best builder/developer, and his blog — written strictly in layman's terms — tackles topics such as what tools you'll need for flood repair, what to do if you don't have flood insurance, and how to tell if you're getting screwed by creeps trying to fleece stricken homeowners. (Crimmins gives an idea of what costs you can expect per square foot.)

If you're feeling overwhelmed, this might be a good place to start.

UPDATE: In a column that's getting a lot of attention, Walter Jowers has good advice in this week's Scene about how to proceed with flood clean-up. It's great fun (and a public service) watching him raise hell booting the backsides of "mold charlatans" peddling expensive, unnecessary repairs.

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