Morning Roundup: Need $300K Worth of Tube Socks?


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Watch Mayor Karl Dean's State of Metro address live starting 10 this morning at ... A Lebanon police officer slips and accidentally discharges his weapon, and moments later the subject of a high-speed chase is dead. His family wants answers. ... How exactly does one (or two) spend $300,000 at Nashville Sporting and Academy Sports? Ask the couple going to jail for it. ... Chief Ronal Serpas tells reporters no job offer has been made in New Orleans, but the paper down there says he's one of three finalists for the top-cop job. ... A former Florida state trooper and registered sex offender is shot when he reportedly tries to run over a Metro police officer. ... Sixteen people have already been excused from jury selection as the heinous rape-murder trial of Vanessa Coleman gets underway. The sticking point is evidently the death penalty. ... With Cole Goforth as their flagbearer, Tennessee's gay high-school students are refusing to get shut in the closet. ... If you're one of the five people in the Nashville area not running for Juvenile Court Clerk, today's the last day of early voting in Davidson County before the May primary. ...

"I knew instantly that there were no dogs, that these were men I was hearing, men reduced to their lowest, most animal level, barking at me like wild, hungry, rabid dogs. The sound was the most evil thing I had ever heard. ..." Part of a gripping excerpt from Eric Volz's new memoir, via 1100 Broadway. ... The proposed urban-design overlays in Antioch that had developers crying foul are now off the table. ... Not even Republicans will touch pre-K budgeting, Ron "Das Boot" Ramsey says. ... A buddy with a bulldozer is a friend indeed when your mobile home falls on you. ... The popular Hillsboro-area restaurant tayst is closing — but just for a quick upgrade in decor. ...


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