Haslam Resumes Air Assault



Bill Haslam's back on the air in the governor's race, this time with a 30-second TV ad. The ad itself isn't available yet on YouTube, but here's the script:

"What kind of man knocks on doors? Pouring rain, or sun is shining, to talk about being governor. The kind that marries his college sweetheart, loves her even more twenty-nine years later. Bible study every week. A father of three, helped raise 'em right. Coached a lot of kids sports teams. That's Bill Haslam. That's Tennessee."

Wow! He knocks on doors and loves his wife and goes to Sunday school. That's all we need to know. He'd make a great governor. We think it's a safe bet that a red umbrella appears somewhere in this spot. (Cue the Gail Kerr gushing.) Here's another pretty easy prediction to make: Haslam is up on television for the duration now, and his standing in the polls is about to start a steady incline.

Update: What's the buy? We asked campaign flack Dave Smith and here's his reply: "Cable only. Statewide." So the campaign is going cheap for some reason. That's confidence for you. No need to blow out the opposition so early. Why bother? As for whether Haslam is up to stay, Smith says, "We have a plan and we're working our plan."

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