Morning Roundup



Rest in peace Sgt. Jonathan J. Richardson and Pfc. Jason M. Kropat. These young men, Ft. Campbell soldiers, are the latest American lives lost in Afghanistan. ...

Preds go down hard last night. ... John Rich will serenade Country Music Marathoners at the arena's post-race concert. ... School custodians fight to keep their jobs from being outsourced. Batter up -- again. The Sounds want to get back to talks for a new ballpark. ...The money quote here: "Grease don't bother me." ... Vice President Joe Biden to be keynote at Democrats' Jackson Day dinner.

Also, you could scroll, but why should you have to: Betsy Phillips on some tit for tat with Rep. Joe Towns Jr., and Hargrove on whether Congressman Jim Cooper will allow the "best to become the enemy of the good." ...

And as Chapter 16 editor Margaret Renkl notes, local Adam Ross's forthcoming novel Mr. Peanut is giving Stephen King nightmares, high praise from the master of darkness. Ross's reaction: "Oh, my f***ing God." Yeah, that sounds about right.

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