More Killings by Licensed Gunmen



From the Brady Campaign, which takes criticism for keeping up with such things, we learn about two more killings by licensed gunmen. In Houston, some guy in a fit of road rage shot a 13-year-old girl in the head. And in Ohio, a drunk shot a woman after she asked whether his gun was loaded. "Let's see," the drunk replied. Then he pointed it at her, fired and hit her.

Our politicians don't want anyone to know it, but there have been killings by handgun permitees in Tennessee too, of course. As the Brady Campaign points out:

Despite stories like these, state legislators in Tennessee, Arizona, and now Virginia are expanding the places people can legally carry weapons. As we allow firearms to permeate our entire culture more and more, we can unfortunately expect to see more and more of these stories.

Update: Guns in bars is back.

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