Delbert to Rock Make It Blue Monday



If political outcomes were determined by which party had the best bands, Democrats would win every election by a landslide.

Exhibit A: This Monday, March 8, at Kimbro's Cafe in downtown Franklin, the Williamson County Democratic Party will present the 21st edition of the Make It Blue Monday fundraiser series, featuring a performance by rock and country soul stalwart Delbert McClinton. (Like we need to use his last name. How many Delberts do you know?) Also appearing will be Dick50, Delbert's ace backup band, doing a set of their own material from their brand-new CD.

We can just see Republican Delbert fans tearing their hair out: "Do I pass up this rare chance to see a local Delbert show in an intimate environment, and all for $20? Or do I fork over my cash to the Dems, bite the bullet and have the time of my life?" It's not exactly Sophie's choice, but we wish them the best of luck with that.

Meanwhile, back to my original point: Who are Republicans going to get to play their fundraisers? John Rich? Ted Nugent? Kid Rock? I rest my case.

The performance is 6-9 p.m. Monday at Kimbro's Cafe, 214 S. Margin St. in downtown Franklin. As of this blog post, tickets are still available. Visit the Williamson County Democratic Party's website for more information.

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