Scene Theater Critic Suffers Heart Attack, Blogs About Experiences


Martin Brady, intrepid Scene theater critic
  • Martin Brady, intrepid Scene theater critic
Scene calendar editor Patrick Rodgers was sitting at his computer last Thursday, frantically editing the following week's "Critics' Picks" section, when the phone rang. Scene theater critic Martin Brady was on the line. "I'm sorry I don't have my picks in yet. I know they're late." Patrick, no stranger to tardy writers, took it in stride. "No problem," he responded. "I should be able to get them to you Monday morning," Martin explained. "I'm in the hospital. I had a slight heart attack early this morning." "What?!" Patrick replied. Word spread quickly, and gasps of shock could be heard emanating from over cubicle walls and behind office doors. Ever the loyal Scene writer, Martin actually seemed genuinely concerned about his copy being late. Of course, here at the Scene, we were stunned by the news, and only concerned about Martin's well-being. The very same day that Bill Clinton had two stents put in his arteries, Martin had a stent put in one of his arteries. We're glad to report that he's already feeling better than he was even before he had the heart attack, and will be back prowling local theaters this weekend. In the meantime, he's been writing about his post-heart-attack experiences on his sports blog, Sports Media America. (What theater critic worth his salt doesn't have a sports blog?) Consider it a cautionary tale for everyone, particularly for -- as Martin and a new TNT TV drama like to put it -- "men of a certain age." (And Martin, get your copy in on time. No more excuses.)

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