Ramsey, Wamp Throw Snowballs at Science


Global warming is a myth and Frosty here is the proof.
  • Global warming is a myth and Frosty here is the proof.
Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey, both hoping to nail down the right wing of the Tennessee Republican Party, went heavy on the zany anti-science talk today in the GOP debate. Apparently, they've both been listening to a little too much Rush Limbaugh in their SUVs as they campaign around the state. Asked their views on cap-and-trade legislation, they proudly joined El Rushbo and the rest of the right-wing media in the wacky notion that climate change can't be real because it's cold outside. There's no such thing as global warming because Ramsey and Wamp are cold. The logic is inescapable, right?
Wamp: "You're talking about a tax that comes down on our state and our free enterprise system. So we need to stand against these federal mandates, folks. I mean, this is the coldest winter we've had. What are we talking about? Global warming needs to be based on solid science and evidence and consensus and we're not there yet." Ramsey: "That's exactly right. It always amazes me. ... I saw the other day in Washington, D.C., they were measuring the depth of the snow using Al Gore's books. ... I think we'll look back on global warming one day and see it as the farce that it is."

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