Channel 5 Goes to 'Islamville' for a New Low in TV Journalism


Well, that's a relief. After teasing viewers for days about its big exclusive report "Inside Islamville: Is a Local Muslim Community Tied to Terrorism?" Channel 5 finally gave us the answer last night: No.
It's a new low in broadcast journalism in this city. Based on the unfounded accusations in a crackpot video titled Homegrown Jihad, Channel 5 devoted two nights' segments to this so-called investigation. On the first night, we heard all about the video. Channel 5 knew then that none of it was true, but didn't tell viewers. For that, we had to wait until last night. With camera crew in tow, Nick Beres appeared unannounced at the Muslim "compound," just like Mike Wallace on a 60 Minutes' ambush, and here's what happened:
We were met at the entrance by two men who agreed to allow us onto the property asking only that we not show any faces or conduct any interviews. There was not much to see. "It's kind of like going into any trailer park out in the country," says Sheriff Vinson.
We hope Channel 5 managed to goose its ratings a little bit with this garbage. Otherwise, Beres succeeded only in inflaming anti-Muslim sentiments.


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