Radnor Lake Rambo Strikes Again! He's the Belle Meade Macho Man Now


He's baaaaaaack! Leonard Embody, the rambo who alarmed hikers by going for a stroll with an assault pistol at Radnor Lake State Park, is at it again. This time, he walked down the street in Belle Meade with a loaded pistol in his hand and freaked out the police. "I didn't break any laws," he said on his YouTube post. "I carried a 1851 Navy pistol openly in my hand." Belle Meade's finest weren't amused. "Why do you feel like you end to walk down the street with a pistol in your hand?" one police officer asked Embody, who possesses a state handgun carry permit. "Self defense," he replied. Embody, who boasts of his exploits on this website, says he's trying to make the point that state licensees are allowed to openly carry their handguns just about anywhere they please. But he's getting criticism as a prankster who could turn public opinion against the law. YouTube commenters haven't been kind to Embody so far. A sample:
You truly are a moron and nothing but a troll. I'm an NRA member and you're the type that give us a bad name. What the frack did you expect carrying a handgun IN YOUR HAND down a public road was going to do??? I have no problem w/ people carrying guns but they need to use a thing called common sense.
Here at Pith, we're cheering on Embody. He's right. The law does allow him to do what he's doing, His critics are right too. His stupid pranks are ticking off people. Maybe if he keeps this up, they will start demanding that the legislature repeal the handgun carry law.

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