Tea Partiers Urged to Sign Up Voters: 'Our Freedom Hangs in the Balance'


Tea partiers are getting down to brass tacks now with breakout sessions on the mechanics of winning elections. Smart Girl Politics is running a discussion on registering voters. The group's Bridget Geegan Blanton asserted Democrats are guilty of rampant voter fraud with dead people making it on to the rolls through ACORN, among other "corrupt nonprofit slush funds." "Due to the amount of voter fraud, we need to tsunami that baby," she said, urging massive tea party voter registration drives. Then she advised tea partiers on how to avoid signing up Democrats. She said in her state of California, she's required by law to give a voter registration form to anyone who asks, even a Democrat. "However," she added, "I'm not legally obligated to mail it in for them. So at the voter registration table ... first thing I do is check party affiliation. ... If it's a Democrat, I'm done. I take that form, I flip it over, I point out with a smile that it's a self-mailer, no postage necessary and give them the personal responsibility of mailing it in themselves." She said she tries to fend off Democrats by hanging an American flag from her voter registration table. "That should tell them whose side I'm on." And if that doesn't work, her tin foil cap might. More from Blanton:
"We don't need to be Ann Coulter in order to communicate what we believe in. We simply need to find the courage to do it. We can also get the facts out there on issues that the media routinely distorts and refuses to report on. All of us in this room that political correctness is simply a tactic used by the left to promote their radical agenda. We can no longer afford to act political correct. Our freedom hangs in the balance. ... We need to take this message to the streets folks. How else are we going to reach those Americans who only watch ABC, NBC and CBS? Our message of freedom is a positive message. Freedom offers true hope, not government-created hope that is granted with permission from the regime."

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