One World Government, the Illuminati and Other Weird Conspiracies at the Tea Party


Update: The crazy came out again at Friday night's dinner. Joseph Farah, the birther who runs World Net Daily, spent his speech questioning whether President Obama's election was legitimate. He vowed to make sure that "signs saying 'Where's the Birth Certificate'" appear at every Obama campaign stop in 2012.
This morning's opening session of the tea party convention was devoted to denouncing science and other stuff. A woman popped up to proclaim: "It's U.N. Agenda 21: Bring in comprehensive planning!" (That's not to be confused with U.N. Agenda 20.) This prompted the speaker, Steven Millroy of, to warn against the New World Order. They're plotting to take away your SUV! We didn't hear anyone mention the Illuminati. Guess they're saving that for the 10 o'clock breakout discussion.
"You're absolutely right," Millroy said. "I talk about this in my book. If you ever hear the term smart growth, run away. Because the idea is they don't like us living in the suburbs. They don't like us owning land. They want us all in urban areas on mass transit. They want to take away your car. This is really happening. Global warming is the theme that runs through all of this. They say, we need to shrink our environmental footprint so the government can own everything. ... President Obama is not a U.S. socialist. He's an international socialist. He envisions one world government. That's what his whole plan is."
The next speaker, Memphis tea party leader Mark Skoda, went on a rant against convention critics:
"There are those who would love to use the pejoratives, the words that suggest sexual innuendo. As I woke up this morning, I got this wonderful email that I couldn't read to you if I wanted to right now. It degrades women. It degrades Sarah Palin. It uses words that I would not ever use even in my own worst moments. Let me say this to you ladies and gentlemen, the discourse on the left goes quickly down into the cellar because the truth of their arguments cannot be sustained by the realities we face today." "There are those who believe this isn't grassroots enough. I suggest to you that I don't need to be in sack cloth begging for alms because I choose to be successful in America."

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