Morning Roundup: It's 'Armageddon' and 'People Will Die' If TennCare Cuts Go Through


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Hospitals warn of devastating TennCare cuts. "If these cuts go through, we'd be looking at Armageddon," Tennessee Hospital Association's Craig Becker says. ... Nashville General Hospital and the Med lobby to prevent cap on Medicaid patient treatment. ... "Some of these people will die," one advocate declares. ... The Shelby County Commission's ultimatum to gubernatorial candidates: More money for the Med--or else. ... Could a new statewide hospital bed tax save the day? Sen. Jim Kyle:
"I would like to caution our local government representatives about things said during this process. We're going to work this through, but we don't need to be confrontational. We don't need to throw down gauntlets. We understand what the Med is. We're going to work it a day at a time. If we go slower, we'll get there faster."
The Republicans' much-ballyhooed Employee Free Choice Act dies in a state House subcommittee. State GOP chief Chris Devaney is outraged. ... Rep. Cooper predicts the House will pass PAYGO today. ... Metro takes steps to save two troubled schools. ... Metro surveys parents and staff on later high school start times. ... In Third District congressional race, Fleischmann, Smith exchange barbs ... The Tea Party Convention convenes in Nashville with infighting over high ticket prices:
"They like to compare themselves to the founding fathers. Well, imagine if John Hancock was trying to make a buck off the constitutional convention."


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