State Lawmakers Call for Saving Money by Starving Prison Inmates


Somewhere in the steaming pile of embarrassing bills that our fine lawmakers have tossed into the hopper for consideration this session, the Tennessee Journal's Ed Cromer spotted this one. For campaign brochure purposes, we've tentatively titled it the Let's Starve the Prisoners Act of 2010. We don't have to release convicts from prison to save money when we can stop feeding them instead. Brilliant!
Our first Wacky Bill of the Week is SB 2756 by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson) and Rep. John Tidwell (D-New Johnsonville). At a time when money is short, they've found a way to trim fat. Under the bill, state prisoners would get only two meals a day, except when a doctor says there's a medical reason for an inmate to eat more. Money saved would go for education, naturally.
OK, it's hard to top that one for meanness. But how about this cruel jackassery from the twisted mind of Stacey Campfield? Under his bill, a down-on-her-luck welfare mother who hits the lottery jackpot won't celebrate for long. Hah! She'll have to give back that cash.

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