Ronnie Steine Says 'Offensive' Hitler Video Backfired


Ronnie Steine didn't like Channel 4's poll.
  • Ronnie Steine didn't like Channel 4's poll.
Somewhat buried in this observation of how Nashville's capital projects have historically gone down (which is to say, the Metro Council always capitulates and approves them) are predictions about whether last week's WSMV-Channel 4 poll showing scant public support for the $585 million convention center proposal will move any lawmakers to the "no" column.

For his part, Metro Council Budget and Finance Committee Chairman Ronnie Steine -- admittedly, a project supporter -- tells the Scene it won't. This from the cutting room floor: "I think it may shore up some 'no's, but I don't think it moves anyone."

Steine says major concrete icons with sophisticated financing via dedicated revenue sources are "always going to poll negatively." Besides, he adds, one of the independent poll's questions to respondents was a "cheap shot."

Among them was, "Would you be more or less likely to re-elect a politician who votes in favor of the Music City Center project?"

What more Metro Council members are talking about, he says, is this video that Steine says is "offensive" and has rallied the pro-MCC troops.

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