Morning Roundup: The Chill to Live


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Baby it's cold outside.
  • Baby it's cold outside.
The public authority overseeing the Music City Center project unanimously approved its financing package and also took steps to accelerate diversity contracting efforts. ... Home sales in the Nashville area were up for the third straight month in December, and median home prices were flat, not down, for the first time in seven months. ... The governor and teachers unions continue to tussle over the use of student test scores in tenure decisions in advance of a special legislative session next week.

Knoxville police have video of the traffic stop that led to the suspension of four UT basketball players who apparently thought that "student athlete" is shorthand for "drive around with semiautomatic handguns." The tape won't become public until it's entered into evidence in court proceedings. ... Over Chattanooga way, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office appears to have a bit of a problem with the sexual morality of its deputies. ... On a related note, a couple of upstanding citizens in Maury County were sentenced to probation for polluting the gene pool. ... Williamson will be the first county in the state to offer drive-through auto emissions testing (no, not those kinds of emissions).

Only two shopping days left until Religious Freedom Sunday--a perfect opportunity to get together with friends to play some Liberal Christian Bingo or Atheist Bingo. Still not sure which religion works best for you? Here's some assistance. ... It is going to be really cold today, which has meteorologists issuing dire warnings about dangerous wind chills. As it happens, the whole wind-chill-factor thing could well be an alarmist scam with dubious scientific merit. Even so, bundle up or (as grandma would say, incorrectly) you'll catch-a-pneumonia.


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