We're Number 18!


We all know accolades are a hot commodity in this self-obsessed world, so you can imagine the swell of hometown pride I felt when I learned Nashville was ranked the 18th most literate city in the United States! Thanks, Central Connecticut State University! We did it! We are even the fourth most literate city in the South, which means Raleigh can suck it. Could this be the first time I am actually happy to have all of those Christian publishing companies littering the streets? Let's check out the methodology:
Key factors in his rankings were newspaper circulation, online news reading, online book purchasing, the number of book stores (which notably excluded religious book stores), the number of libraries, how many books libraries circulated and education level.
Online news reading counts as literacy? Because online news commenting is often not very literate at all! Also, it's kind of not fair to exclude religious book stores. Books are books, even the Left Behind series. Do they count gay book stores? If they do, it is clearly a coastal liberal conspiracy to try and keep the South down. But still, even without the extra bump all those Bibles would have given us, 18th is pretty good. Here are other things that are 18th: In the Milton Bradley Game of Life™, we are all winners. See you at the library, nerds! [Source: Nashville Business Journal]

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