Morning Roundup: Nashvillians of the Year, Vic Chesnutt Dies at 45, and More


Now that the shopping's over and you're reading stuff again, read Tracy Moore's superb article about Hal Cato and Rodger Dinwiddie, the Scene's 2009 Nashvillians of the Year, and their remarkable work with the Youth Opportunity Center. ...As if to show just how desperately Nashville needs the YOC's services, Lyda Phillips in the City Paper checks in to see how the city's coming along with that ambitious 10-year plan to eliminate chronic homelessness. The short answer: We've got five more years to bust our asses. ... Sad news from Athens, Ga.: Vic Chesnutt, the singer-songwriter who wrought prickly beauty from his gnarled, grimly funny and bluntly personal songs--particularly in gorgeous collaboration with the Nashville band Lambchop--died Christmas Day of an intentional overdose. He was 45. ...Has the GOP undergone a major feminine shift? Kleinheider sees a Blackburn-Palin-tea party axis with far-reaching implications for Tennessee. ...The Sunday New York Times zeroes in on Nashville's next contribution to the pop charts, Ke$ha, as part of an overview of hip-hop's changing face. ... Clemson makes the chilly Music City Bowl even colder for Kentucky, and perhaps icier still for Coach Rick Brooks. ...Ron Wynn surveys 2009's top stories in television, and the ongoing Leno trainwreck edges out the stealth juggernaut that is NCIS. ...

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