Morning Roundup: Holiday Stress Edition


Happy Holidays, now give me all your stinkin' money: Police are looking for a 6-foot-tall white guy in a Santa suit who robbed a SunTrust bank on Old Hickory Boulevard around 10 a.m. yesterday and jingled off in a midsize gray car. Since nobody's robbed anything in a Santa suit in Davidson County in a few years, it's a real head-scratcher--apparently most people wear sunglasses or Halloween masks to rob banks. ... In other holiday-stress related news where a Santa suit may have helped, some dude threatened to blow up the Nashville Airport on Friday. Continental Airlines told Kevin Craig Quihuis that his seat had been bumped; he allegedly replied:" If I don't get a seat, I'm goin' to blow up the airplane," according to the affidavit. But imagine--if he'd said that wearing a Santa suit, people might have just laughed it off! ... Looks like the devil went down to Second Avenue yesterday morning when thieves arrived at the Charlie Daniels Band Museum and ignored all the super-valuable collectible guitars and such, and instead took $200 bucks from the museum register. ... Check out these hot pics from inside the lobby/ground floor of the new Pinnacle Tower. Sure looks swanky, but rumor has it that the real money shot of the city is from the observation points of the conference rooms on the 27th floor, and there's a super-secret roof floor that's not even on the elevator. ... And finally, From the Dept. of Seriously--Dudes Still Don't Know Better?: La Vergne Whirlpool must pay employee Carlota Freeman over a million dollars in a federal harassment and discrimination suit. Freeman complained of sexual harassment from male colleague Willie Baker to her male boss, who took the complaint really seriously. Just kidding--he showed a "shocking lack of interest" in response, supposedly telling Freeman she should "go ahead and [have sex with Baker] and get it over with." Then he ordered subscriptions of Maxim for everyone. Kidding about that last part, but not kidding about this bizarro detail: The charmingly evolved Baker's method of creating an uncomfortable work environment for the woman included "sexually and racially charged comments" and "highly sexualized versions of Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' and James Taylor's 'Carolina On My Mind.' " Thanks Baker, not just for being an affront to all women, but for getting "Sweet Caroline" stuck in everyone's head for the next week.

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