In the Know? Then You Already Knew Franklin is the Malibu of Tennessee


Make no mistake: We were way "in the know" about the fact that Nashville is the third coast and the new L.A., and the next Brooklyn, but were we hip enough to know Franklin is the Malibu of Tennessee? I hate it when the Times knows before I do. Head hung in shame. From the New York Times' style mag T:
In-Store | F.M. Allen Those in the know call Franklin, Tenn., just outside Nashville, the ''Malibu of Tennessee.'' A small city with a lot of spending power--thanks to locals with names like Keith, Nicole and Wynonna--Franklin recently got a boost with the arrival of Will Woods's men's-wear shop F. M. Allen. (He also has a New York store.) Woods calls the brand ''rugged yet elegant,'' just right for the genteel country life.
[Via Nashvillest]

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