'Tough Trade' Open Casting Tomorrow


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Hey Nashvillian! Are you a person of any age, ethnicity or type? Do you have a recent color snapshot? Want to be on TV? You're American, of course you do! Head down to the Millennium Maxwell House tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. if you want to be cast as an extra for Tough Trade, a new series on the yet-to-be-launched Epix network. As a TV nerd, I am wholly qualified to say the show sounds pretty good. Check out Jim Ridley's breakdown a few months ago:
The pilot, Tough Trade, centers on three generations of a Nashville country-music dynasty who supply enough conflict and family intrigue for at least three more Hanks. The script was written by Chris Offutt, the acclaimed Kentucky-born novelist who's left his teeth marks on HBO's smash vampire series True Blood as a writer and story editor. Also involved are Jenji Kohan, creator of Showtime's Weeds (for which Offutt has also written), who will serve as an executive producer, and Scott Hornbacher, whose résumé includes producing credits on both Mad Men and The Sopranos.
Cable has been the go-to place for good drama for at least a decade. HBO's the touchstone, Mad Men and Breaking Bad turned AMC legit, and it looks like Epix will have a decent shot at out-of-the-gate relevance if this show ends up as good as the show runners' pedigrees promise. I have high hopes there will be lots of booze, drugs, sex and fighting. Like I said, cable. So yeah! Head out to the casting tomorrow. If you're in the background and the show's a success, that'll earn you Nashville bragging rights for at least five years. (Location dream: if a fight scene is filmed in the near-empty strip of parking lot in front of local institution of vice Melrose Billiards, it will seriously make my life.)


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