Morning Roundup: Nashville Suit Alleges Halliburton 'Burn Pits' and More


When it wasn't charging the U.S. taxpayer $45 for a case of soda, controversial defense contractor Halliburton found time to shower our troops with potentially toxic ash from "burn pits," incinerating everything from pesticides and hazardous chemicals to human corpses. So alleges a lawsuit filed in Nashville against Halliburton and its former subsidiary KBR.... An ugly racial rift opens over the hotly contested District 5 Metro Council race between incumbent Pam Murray and challenger Jamie Hollin.... The Titans strike gold against the 49ers in San Francisco, and Vince Young and Chris Johnson are looking like a dynamic duo.... Speaking of crime fighters, Rex sez Mike Jameson and Brad Schrade made like Tango & Cash recently, pursuing teenage lawbreakers through the mean streets of Lockeland Springs.... That $33,000 settlement the Metro School Board initially refused to divulge concerned a former special education student, the newly opened records say.... Hey, Phil Valentine was at Al Gore's book signing yesterday! So was a heckler supporting Ron Paul.... Did Columbia city officials send sexist emails trying (and succeeding) to block a councilwoman's election as vice mayor?... New food trends popping up all over Nashville: homemade potato chips and shrimp & grits....

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