Last Chance to Voice Your Opinion Before Affordable Health Care Act Vote


The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR3962), so today is your last chance to voice your opinion. Molly Secours, whose trip to Washington to discuss the issue was chronicled here on Pith yesterday, offers the following plea:
Even if you aren't political or have insurance, here's what's up. As you know, Rep. Jim Cooper is a heavy hitter (and the only hope frankly) in this game and NEEDS to hear from as many people as possible just three words: robust public option. Tell him you are one of the 61% in his district who support it. Two minutes folks. Call (202) 225-4311 or (615) 736-5295.
Of course, we know many Pith readers don't share Secours' viewpoint on the issue, and we also encourage you to express your views to Congressman Cooper. In fact, we've even written a brief script to save you time:
Hello Congressman Cooper: As your constituent, I'd like to go on record that I prefer to pay exorbitant fees to insurance companies, and take the chance that I will be financially ruined if I get a catastrophic illness, than to support this bill. I think it makes perfect sense that the U.S. is No. 1 in health care spending yet 37th in health care results. I know that if I lose my job and benefits and then get seriously ill, I'm screwed, but it sure beats socialism. Thanks for your time.
UPDATE: It's now looking like House Democrats may push back the vote until Sunday or next week.

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