Morning Roundup


An appeals court has ruled that the Bible Theme Park in Rutherford County was improperly rejected.... A Davidson County judge faces disciplinary action for showing up late to work, hiring her family members, and, most disturbingly, appointing defense attorneys to fill in for her....

People have been talking about Bass Berry & Sims letting people hire younger, cheaper trial lawyers for a couple of days now, but Blake Farmer has a cool story about how they train those young lawyers for the courtroom....

Tennessee contemplates increasing an already regressive tax by at least a dollar a week.... Someone in Maury County is crossing out bad words in library books.... A dad passes out drunk in a Hendersonville movie theater bathroom. In all fairness, his other option was sitting through a Toy Story double feature....

Gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp says, "If you're not a good reader, you're playing catch up the whole way, they start teaching things that you don't understand, because you didn't learn to read good." Pith refrains from making the obvious Derek Zoolander joke OR singing the less obvious Stevie Wonder parody song we just made up. We trust you appreciate our restraint.

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