Bye Bye Dewayne Bunch: We Miss You Already


Today comes news that Sen. Dewayne Bunch, R-4th Century B.C., won't seek reelection. A wingnut of the highest order, Bunch will be sorely missed, at least by press corps wags who enjoy a good laugh at legislator expense on occasion.

Bunch is renowned for introducing ridiculous bills that never go anywhere and for making wacky arguments during debates. He's the Stacey Campfield of the Senate.

In the last session alone, Bunch entertained us all by:

(1) Pushing legislation to give state sanction to the diplomas of a freaky subset of home schoolers who hold the godless government in contempt and refuse to disclose what they're supposedly learning in their home schools.

(2) Raising questions during a committee hearing about whether it's a good idea to pass a law requiring wife beaters to surrender their guns. He worried it might inconvenience and confuse wife beaters, especially if they store their weapons in their barns or bass boats, and interfere with their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

(3) Calling people who are concerned about childhood obesity the "nutritional Nazi police." He did that in a debate with Sen. Andy Berke, the only Jewish member of the upper chamber.

Lately, as Republicans have gained power, Bunch actually has managed to make a few laws. Believe it or not, the legislature enacted his home school bill. But lest you think the Senate will lurch to the left with his departure, no worries: Rep. Mike Bell already is running for Bunch's southeast Tennessee seat. He was the House champion of the weird home schoolers.

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