Morning Roundup: Sahel Kazemi's Life Insurance, Murfreesborean in Space and More


Will the cause of death block Sahel Kazemi's aunt from collecting on her $10,000 group life-insurance policy? ...Just hours after last night's late-night fatality, a second car accident occurs near the same strip of asphalt near Antioch....Why would you pay $1,000 for a copy of Phil Valentine's book you can get online for $13.57? Why, to support the "nonpartisan research organization" Tennessee Center for Policy Research, Rex reports....Bishop David Choby addresses the Franklin congregation whose pastor was removed for "abuse of a professional relationship" with a woman in his flock.... While the state drags its feet on the Voter Confidence Act--hey, it's not like elections are coming up next year or anything--supporters of paper-verified voting machines enlist an expert to rebut the opposition....Barry Wilmore of Murfreesboro will see stars from the space shuttle Atlantis in November....The "burrito-fication" of Nashville continues apace as the Chipotle chain readies its first two stores. Didn't Baja Burrito get there first?

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