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Bet you wish you were listening to 104.5 The Zone yesterday when the wife of former Titans General Manager Floyd Reese went ballistic on the subject of Coach Jeff Fisher....An activist investor springs for a $270 million stake in CCA's privatized pokeys....Gay men and straight women now have common ground: Nashville's first all-male strip club....

Who's gonna be No. 1 in education in the Southeast within the next five years? We are, says Bill Frist....Why have vandals defaced a Jefferson Street mural depicting Nashville's Freedom Riders for the third time? That may be less important than the news it'll be repaired and repainted all over again....The nationwide crackdown on the La Familia drug cartel extends to Nashville....Nashville-born civil rights leader Julian Bond remembers the city of 60 years ago while visiting Fisk....

Pretty soon you won't have the Green Hills La Paz to use as a landmark when giving directions....Intern Adam has a dream--to appear on Ellen--and Nashville Cream means to crush it.


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