Morning Roundup: Injured Cows and Lazy Grandmas


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State officials have issued new rules governing when and how cities and counties can participate in exotic financial transactions such as interest rate swaps. In particular, a single firm can no longer serve a municipality as both financial adviser and underwriter--call it the Morgan Keegan rule. ... The head of the largest bank based in Nashville says he's not seeing meaningful signs of a recovery in the local economy. ... In what the hospital's board chair says would be "a damaging blow for health care in the community," a key Memphis medical center considers closing its emergency room. ... Good news on convention center bookings--in Chattanooga.

DNA doesn't lie: Steve McNair is not the father of that Mississippi teenager whose mom was trying to get in on a piece of the action. ... The CBS reporter looking into McNair's death said on the network's morning show today that many questions remain unanswered. ... A budgetary kerfuffle at the Metro parks department. ... Dude exhumed 40 years after the fact. ... Boat cruise rescues injured cow (hardly a big story but love that headline). ... Docs say H1N1 vaccine fears are driven by false information. ... Good news for airport picker uppers: the new waiting area at BNA opens today, so you don't have to play loop-de-loop while waiting for grandma's plane to land. (What's that you say? I should park the car and go inside to fetch grandma? I think not.)


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