Poker Face: Facebook Poke Makes Harassment a Media Novelty


A Tennessee woman was arrested last month for a Facebook poke. Shannon Jackson was under a court order not to contact the pokee, but she obviously did anyway--and police have the screengrabs to prove it. If convicted, Jackson could face up to a year in jail (the pokey? Wokka Wokka!). Stalking and harassment are not funny, but this is hilarious. There are currently over 70 stories about this incident popping up in Google News, and they run the gamut from local news and tech sites to foreign newspapers. Think about it: some boring personal business between two Hendersonville women has become an international story, all because the method of harassment was a Facebook poke. Lesson time: Clicking a button under the right circumstances can get you stone cold arrested. Tennessee creepazoids are going to have to up their game! [RT: Valleywag]

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