Jackson Day: A Laughable Event


Democrats talked up unity at their big Jackson Day fundraiser. The governor called it a "solidarity event." Who are they kidding? Everybody should have fallen on the ballroom floor laughing as Al Gore and Bill Clinton gave impassioned pleas for health care reform in their speeches. "Democrats, you stay in there with your congressmen and you get this done," Clinton declared. Um, which congressmen would those be, Bill? Certainly not Lincoln Davis, John Tanner, Bart Gordon or Jim Cooper. They're all in the category of foot-draggers in the House. All Tanner can talk about is how he wants to go sooooo slowly. It's not clear whether Davis disagrees with the teabaggers that the president wants to pull the plug on grandma. Gordon and Cooper are all for reform, as long as it doesn't cut into insurance industry profits too much. To the party's executive committee Saturday night, House Democratic Caucus chair Mike Turner was talking tough about knocking off a dozen House Republicans in the 2010 elections. He thinks voters are ready to toss out those wingnuts after a session of far-right foolishness. The problem is, a lot of Democrats voted right along with Republicans on much of this, including guns and abortion. So what's the Democrats' campaign slogan? "Vote for us. We're not quite as crazy as the Republicans?" That's the problem with Tennessee Democrats, and it's a little too obvious to voters. Democrats don't want to hold power to accomplish anything for the state. They just want to hold power. Video from Christian Grantham

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