Meet Craig Stevens, Your New Favorite Titan


Hi, Craig!
  • Hi, Craig!
When you're the fourth option at a position that's impossibly deep, you've got to go the extra mile to catch the coach's eye. Which means if you're Titans' tight end Craig Stevens, a second-year blocking-specialist out of Cal, you've got to treat that extra mile as if its filled with brain-eating zombies threatening to tear your loved ones limb-from-limb*. From Jim Wyatt:
Tight end Craig Stevens was exhausted on Wednesday. He went through two practice sessions, and four altercations. All in a day's work, I guess. The usually mild-mannered Stevens was anything but on this day. He got into scraps with defensive end Dave Ball and linebacker Stanford Keglar during team drills. Later, he got into it on back-to-back plays with defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch.
That's right, four fights in one day. This Stevens kid is a modern-day pugilist, I tells ya! *And in case you thought that zombie reference was a stretch, you've obviously never seen Vanden Bosch when he's wearing his extra special "Red Zone" contact lenses. *Paging Mr. Romero. Mr. Romero to Baptist Sports Park, please.* Stevens scrapping was probably born of the natural prickliness that exists between two behemoths made to slap at each other in August heat. But it also can't hurt his chances of sticking with the team. As low man on the totem pole, Stevens is right to try to fight his way up the depth chart. In front of him is franchise-tagged Bo Scaife, veteran Alge Crumpler who, cagily recognizing his new role on a team with two solid pass-catchers, ate his way to Koopa Troopa size in the off-season and Oh-my-god-please-let-him-be-Jeremy-Shockey-without-the-attitude rookie Jared Cook.* *Not excited yet? Watch this video. Cook's middle name should be Matchupproblems. (Catchy, no?) Stevens scrapping apparently paid dividends; Coach Jeff Fisher seemed impressed and said he was having a great camp. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out come September 5th, when Zombie Slayer and the rest of the hopefuls find out if there one of the lucky 53 to make final cuts.

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