What do you Call the New Convention Center Hotel?


Oooooooh, sparkly!
  • Oooooooh, sparkly!
A Marriott Marquis. Yesterday, MDHA picked Marriott to build the 40-story, 1,000 room hotel that will sit next to the proposed $1 billion convention center. Nashville will be one of only four cities in the world -- including New York (seen at right), Atlanta and Washington, D.C. -- to have a Marquis, Marriott's premium brand. Now that that's out of the way, all we have to do is find out how much (if any) money the developers are willing to throw in the pot. Then we have to find out how we're going to pay for it. And before all that happens, we're going to have to buy the land it'll sit on and establish the Convention Center Authority that will oversee its construction. So what did yesterday's news accomplish? It gave convention center proponents some good PR during a week when they desperately needed it. It managed to keep up the sense of momentum and inevitability for the whole project. And it introduced the newest, shiniest toy that's going to all but assure us a seat at the Big Boy's table. Not bad for a day's work.

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