Vince Young in Esquire's What I've Learned


Area man counts chickens before hatching.
  • Area man counts chickens before hatching.
Among some genuinely heartrending comments about growing up with a drug-addicted mother and absentee father, Titans back-up quarterback Vince Young promises the following in this month's Esquire:
I don't know when I'll start again. But I will be the next black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. And I will be in the Hall of Fame.
We're all for a good boast every once in a while. Especially from a professional athlete, whose job requires a healthy ego. But just off the top of our head, here's a list of black quarterbacks that have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl before Vince Young: Donovan McNabb Jason Campbell David Garrard Ronnie Brown (playing out of the Wildcat formation)

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