MoveOn Tries to Pressure Cooper


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MoveOn is trying to put the heat on Jim Cooper over health care reform. Lord knows, he needs it. But since he's one of the Blue Dogs working to weaken the president's public health insurance option, why would he sign a letter of outrage over the deal? Pith is confused. Anyway, here's MoveOn's email blast to the Coop's constituents:
The heart of President Obama's health-care reform plan--the public health insurance option--is under attack. And your representative, Jim Cooper, has a chance to join the fight to save it.

Earlier this week, a small group of conservative Blue Dog Democrats forced a compromise that would badly weaken the public option.

Then yesterday, 57 representatives released a letter saying the deal is unacceptable--that "they simply cannot vote" for a bill that doesn't include a strong public health insurance option.1

But as of last night, Rep. Cooper hadn't signed the letter.

Can you call him right away and urge him to sign the Progressive Caucus letter demanding a strong public health insurance option?


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