McKensie Morrison Speaks Out: 'I Am Not a Wild Woman on a Hunt for Men'


McKensie Morrison has made her first public statements since news broke of her affair with Sen. Paul Stanley. She tells Channel 4's Cara Kumari that she's speaking out to rebut Stanley's claims that she was working in cahoots with her boyfriend to blackmail him. She said Stanley's a lying piece of scum who made her pick up his dry cleaning and clean his apartment, but she's praying for him. We're paraphrasing there. Here are some actual quotes:
"I am not a bad person. I am not an extortionist. I am not a wild woman on a hunt for men. I'm a normal girl. I'm 22 years old. ... I haven't been charged with anything because I had nothing to do with it. The truth will come out in the end, and I think we will all pay for our mistakes and response. ... I feel like I can move on. I feel that I've learned. I'm hurt, and I'm beat up, and I'm emotionally scarred but all we have is the future and hope."
Consider this interview a parting gift to the legislature from Stanley, the lech. If he only could have resigned with a little class, this never would have happened. Instead, he decided to blame the woman, even if she is only a 22-year-old college student, and now here's McKensie Morrison coming across as all sweet and innocent on TV and making the entire legislature look like a gang of creeps and perverts ... again. Pith is praying for them all. Watch the full interview here.

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