Birthers are Republican, Southern, Study says...Oh, and Marginalized


According to a Daily Kos poll, Birtherism finds its greatest audience among Republicans in the South.

Overall, 11 percent of Americans are Birther conspiracy wingnuts. So, to douchbags like Lou Dobbs, who assert that Birth Certificate-gate is really gaining traction, it's really not. It's Southern Republicans who are becoming a squawking minority increasingly apart from mainstream American life.

Here's how it breaks down:

77 percent of Americans believe Obama is a citizen. 11 percent do not. 12 percent don't know.

28 percent of Republicans believe Obama is not a citizen.

23 percent of people in the South believe Obama is not a citizen. This, of course is embarrassing because in the Northeast, the West and the Midwest, the number of folks who don't believe the President is a citizen is in the single digits. Sigh, South -- like the crazy uncle you can't introduce to your girlfriend because he'll say something awkward and humiliating.

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