Sen. Paul Stanley's Ultimate Score: His Story on Perez Hilton's Site


Perez Hilton, Paul Stanley's new BFF
  • Perez Hilton, Paul Stanley's new BFF
For his affair with an intern, former state Sen. Paul Stanley lost his seat, damaged his marriage, and made himself the target of ridicule across the state. But in Stanley's hard-conservative mind, the most embarrassing moment may be this: He's now been immortalized in Perez Hilton's gossip site.

There you'll find a picture of Stanley, surrounded by a background of Pepto Bismol pink, being dogged by the self-described "Queen of all Media." And as we all know, appearing on a gay guy's website automatically makes you gay.

In related news, organizers of the Germantown Gay Pride Parade have tapped Stanley to be next year's grand marshal.

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