No, CNN, Sen. Jim Bunning is not from Tennessee


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No, Wolfe, he's not.
  • No, Wolfe, he's not.
As a Tennessean, I take offense to this, Wolf Blitzer. We may have our fair share of inbred, racist yahoos, but Tennessee and Kentucky are not interchangeable.

The beleaguered Sen. Jim Bunning declared he will not run for reelection in 2010. GOP leaders in the Senate have done pretty much everything they can to freeze this guy out, and now it would appear that his withdrawal will increase the likelihood that Republicans will hold onto the seat.

Consider this a warning, Blitzer. If you call Sen. Lamar Alexander a West Virginian, we're calling for your ouster, Southern Poverty Law Center-style. CNN, you're on notice.

H/T Politico


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