My God, Was Bill O'Reilly Just...Reasonable About Lou Dobbs?



Bill O'Reilly had Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center on the Factor, who is calling for CNN to can Lou Dobbs -- the man who, according to friends of mine who've interviewed him, refers to himself in the third person.

Dobbs has displayed a pattern of saying stupid, potential incitements to violence like, most notably, the silliness concerning illegal immigration and an uptick in leprosy. Recently his show looked at the Birther movement, granting it, Cohen asserts, more legitimacy than it deserves.

I had to check the bottom of the screen for the Factor logo just to make sure it was, in fact, O'Reilly that I was watching. I mean, in his answer to Cohen, he sounded so sober and reasonable about the whole thing, calling the Birther movement "bogus" and patently absurd. Cohen wants Dobbs' head. I'm inclined to agree with him. But O'Reilly actually came back with a level-headed approach: It's free speech. The marketplace of ideas. If he sucks and people hate him, the market will take care of that.

Anyway, to see O'Reilly as sane as he will probably ever be, check out the video above.

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