William Walker: Grey-eyed Man of Destiny


If you're a fan of This American Life, or good storytelling in general, you're going to like the Memory Palace. The Memory Palace is a podcast recorded by public radio reporter Nate DiMeo. Working out of his Los Angeles garage, DiMeo takes historical anecdotes he finds fascinating and then builds a three to five minute story around them. Being an admitted dunce when it comes to history, especially Nashville history, I was happy to see that one of DiMeo's latest actually centers around a guy who was born and raised here. If you don't know the story of William Walker, forever immortalized by this historical marker on 6th Ave., I'm not going to spoil it for you. Rest assured, though, that anyone who tries to invade Mexico with only 46 troops is well worth learning about. For a five-minute education on one of Nashville's original badasses, click here to listen to "Presidente Walker."

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