Tree Huggers Converging on Dollywood to Teach King Coal a Lesson


The Washington Post chimed in yesterday on the coal mining industry's tourism boycott of Tennessee that has instilled such terror in the hearts of every citizen of our state. Lamar Alexander incurred the wrath of King Coal by sponsoring legislation to ban mountaintop removal mining, and the Post paints the senator as some kind of environmental hero because he's against letting somebody blow the tops off our mountains. But it turns out that this boycott is upsetting environmentalists and they are about to respond. Prepare for an influx of tree huggers to Dollywood!
Big Coal is urging a boycott of travel to Tennessee because Sen. Lamar Alexander supports a federal ban on mountain-top removal mining, a type of mining where the tops of mountains are blown apart and the dirt dumped into rivers and valleys in order to get to the coal underground.) That's time to visit Tennessee!

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