Egads! Yet Another Impediment to the Free Exercise of Our Second Amendment Rights


What will these kids do without citizen gunmen to protect them?
  • What will these kids do without citizen gunmen to protect them?
Bad news for our many brave champions of the Second Amendment. The legislature may have enacted the guns-in-parks law last session, but that still doesn't mean they can stride around with their loaded pistols on playgrounds and ballfields. In a new official opinion, Attorney General Bob Cooper placed a big caveat on the new law: Guns still are banned during times when public schools are using the athletic fields, playgrounds or other recreational facilities. At many parks, that's a lot of the time, as we all know. It turns out there's another state statute that overrules the guns-in-parks law. Says the AG:
"Tenn. Code Ann. 39-17-1309 prohibits possession of firearms on various types of property, athletic fields and recreational facilities that are owned, used or operated by a school. By its plain terms, it prohibits the possession of firearms on athletic fields and recreational facilities, including those that are located in public parks, if such fields or facilities are actually being used by a school."
House GOP leader Glen Casada asked for this opinion. He must be so disappointed.

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