Attacking McKensie Morrison: It Was Only a Matter of Time


It was just as predictable as moralizing "family values" legislators cheating on their wives. Now, conservatives are making excuses for Sen. Paul Stanley and attacking his legislative intern, McKensie Morrison, as the real villain in this little tale of treachery and deceit. Terry Frank, the East Tennessee talk radio host, says her extensive Internet research shows Morrison was married in Florida to a guy with a criminal record. How about that? Based on that little nugget, which may or may not be true, Frank concludes Morrison is no innocent flower. Frank then tosses in a few extraneous bits of information from various court records and--shezam!--the young intern suddenly transforms into a wily femme fatale who lured the senator into a wicked trap. Frank, once a legislative intern herself, presents her research on her blog, hoping to cast suspicion on "this innocent young maiden who is said to be targeted by the powerful senator."
Without much more comment on his actions and the problems he has caused for his family and his party, I do want to raise a few issues. 1. Senator Stanley did go to the TBI and thus basically assure that this would all eventually come out. 2. He is still married. And with that, I assume he made the right decisions and I pray for his wife and children and her healing if she is able to do so. 3. The portrayal of this 22 year old on various blogs and media reports as a victim is quite startling. Both Stanley AND Ms. Morrison made horrible decisions! When a State Senator asked me on a date when I was an intern, I said "no." He asked me "why not", and it was very easy for me to say, "because you're married." I was Ms. Morrison's age.

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