So Hurricane Katrina Wasn't An Emergency, Congressman Blackburn?



Did a double-take when I heard this one. Unless I'm hallucinating, our very own Congressman Marsha Blackburn seems to be saying, for all the nation to hear, that we shouldn't be crying "Emergency!" every time we have a Hurricane Katrina. Last time I checked, that particular hurricane was the costliest in history, and one of the five deadliest in the history of the United States. So that doesn't qualify? Aren't the Hurricane Katrinas that befall this country the best times to consider "special appropriations" when our citizens are, you know, stranded and dying due to forces of nature beyond our control?

Update: Blackburn didn't mean it. "Clearly she misspoke," her flack Claude Chafin says. "Her thoughts were moving faster than her speech."

Update II: Democratic Party chair Chip Forrester piles on. "Her clueless remark either indicates she is misinformed about the legislation or insensitive about the tragic loss of life that occurred in Mississippi and Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Mrs. Blackburn should apologize not only to everyone who suffered a loss during that tragedy, but she should also apologize to every Tennessean who has suffered losses as a result of devastating tornadoes and flooding that occurs here in the state from time to time."

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